Corporations -> PA, PC or Inc. Process

NEW: Articles of Incorporation may now to be submitted via the NC Veterinary Medical Board (NCVMB) Licensure Gateway Portal.

On-line filing: (For NC Licensed Veterinarians Only)

1. Complete the Articles of Incorporation for a professional corporation
       Click here for the Articles of Incorporation
2. Save the completed articles to your desktop
3. Log in via the NCVMB Licensure Gateway Portal
4. Select 'Applications'
5. Select 'Corporate Application Part-I'
6. Follow the instructions and complete in full
TIP - Before you start: Save the completed articles to your desktop and have all veterinarian license numbers available.

Paper Filing:
The purpose of Part-I paperwork is to request a Letter of Memorandum (LOM) from the NCVMB. The LOM certifies to the NC Secretry of State (NCSOS) that the Professional Association or Professional Corporation is in compliance with NCGS 55B-4 and 55B-6 of the "Professional Corporation Act". (NCGS 55B)

Step 1: Begin filing with the NCVMB

  1. Complete and submit the NCVMB Part-I paperwork
  2. Complete and submit the original Articles of Incorporation. SOS website IMPORTANT: First select 'Business Registration' in the Within the Department: field, then select either 'Professional Corp' or 'Professional LLC' in the For: field.
  3. Submit a check or money order made payable to the NCVMB for $160.00

When we receive and accept for filing all of the above documents, we will issue a Letter of Memorandum and return it and the original articles to the person or entity that submitted paperwork to this office.

Step 2: File with the NC Secretary of State (NC SOS)

You will send your ORIGINAL Articles of Incorporation and ORIGINAL Letter of Memorandum to the NC Secretary of State, along with the required filing fee. Currently the filing fee is $125.00.

Step 3: Complete filing with the NCVMB

Once you have received a filed copy of your articles back from the NCSOS, you will need to complete and submit the Part-II paperwork along with a copy of the filed articles. We will then issue you a certificate with a NCVMB corporation number.

NOTE: Professional Corporations are required to renew every December 31 regardless of the date of the incorporation.

If you are also opening a Practice: Please follow instructions found on the new Practice Facility Paperwork.

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