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The Process

  1. Log into the Licensure Gateway - If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.
  2. Fill out the Proposed Veterinary Practice Facility Name form. Your practice facility name must use one of the following descriptive terms below. The definitions can be found on our website under Practice Act. No proper names, other than the names of the owner(s), can be used in the name of the facility.
    • Animal Health Center / Animal Medical Center
    • Emergency Facility
    • Mobile Facility
    • Office
    • On-call Emergency Service
    • Veterinary Clinic / Animal Clinic
    • Veterinary Hospital / Animal Hospital
  3. If you wish to also start a corporation, that is a separate process that can be started before, during or after the process of naming or opening a facility. Instructions can be found on our website under Corporations.
  4. If you are referring your hospitalizations, radiology or emergencies to another facility, you must have an Agreement for Referral of Services form completed prior to the inspection. If you are referring to an emergency hospital, you are NOT required to have an Agreement for Referral of Services.
  5. The inspector will call you to schedule an inspection around the date you request on your Proposed Veterinary Practice Facility Name form.

Inspections for New Facilities

The name approval form will prompt the Board office for an inspection request; this will be the 'Approximate date requested for Inspection' on the form. The inspection should be scheduled four (4) weeks in advance of opening / providing services to the public.

  • SAMPLE Inspection Form
  • Inspections are conducted prior to opening, then again one (1) year later and then every two (2) years unless the Board deems additional inspections necessary.


The $125.00 inspection fee will be charged if the inspector arrives at the facility on the 'agreed to date' but determines the building is not ready for the inspection.

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