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Qualifications / Exams / Procedures for application in NC for a:

North Carolina General Statute 90-187 and Administrative Rule .0301 provide information about the qualifications and exam procedures for North Carolina.

NOTE: North Carolina does NOT accept reciprocity.

Temporary Permit - Two (2) Types

FEE: $150
Exam Temporary Permit: For those scheduled to take the NC State Exam
This permit allows an individual who has applied for the NC State Exam to obtain a certificate to practice veterinary medicine under the supervision of a NC licensed veterinarian while awaiting their scheduled test date.  To apply for a Temporary Permit, you must first apply for the State Exam. If you've already done so, log in to the Licensure Gateway and select the Temporary Permit application for those taking the exam and submit.
ATTENTION: The Temporary Permit CANNOT be processed until your exam application and all the required documents for the State Exam have been received.

FEE: $150
60-Day Temporary Permit: For a Non-Resident Veterinarian
Another type of temporary permit is also available to a non-resident veterinarian validly licensed in another state, territory or district of the United States or a foreign country, provided that such temporary permit shall be issued for a period of no more than sixty (60) days. G.S. 90-187.4. For those seeking a 60-Day Temporary Permit, you must first create an account (register) via the Licensure Gateway. Once registered, you will log back in and select the 60-Day Temporary Permit application to submit.

Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will be able to log back into the Licensure Gateway 24/7 to check on their application status (e.g. which documents have been received or are pending).

Required Documents: Degree conferred transcript, License Verification(s) from state in which you are currently practicing, copy of a legal document (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce papers, etc.) if you have a maiden/former name in which documents will be received and copy of your Social Security Card. If you are not a US citizen, you may submit a copy of your Passport/SIN in lieu of a Social Security Card.
ATTENTION: Document(s) to be mailed or e-mailed FROM SCHOOL / AGENCY to the Board office. E-mail to Janice@ncvmb.org or mail to: NCVMB, 1611 Jones Franklin Rd., Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27606

Once your permit has been processed, both you and the PRIMARY supervising veterinarian will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Privilege License

Required for veterinarians providing services in North Carolina. NCDOR


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