Practice Facilities -> Change in Ownership of a Practice Facility

Step 1: File with the NCVMB via Mail, Fax or Email

  1. Complete and submit the Change in Ownership Form (Form may be emailed to Crystal or mailed to the Board office.)
    • Buyer must complete form
    • Buyer and Seller must sign Notification of Sale form (Page-4 of 'Change in Ownership Form)
    • Date may indicate future sale date. If sale does not occur or is postponed, written notification must be sent to the Board via mail, fax (F) 919.854.5606 or email (
    • You may request to have current name re-approved for use under new ownership
    • The Board may require that a practice name be changed. Those facilities existing and approved by the Board as of December 31, 1993 may continue to use their approved name or designation until there is a partial or total change of ownership of the facility, at which time the name of the veterinary practice facility shall be changed, as necessary, to comply with G.S. 90-181.1 (d). Please read the NCVMB Naming Rules.

Step 2: Secure Agreements for Referral Services

Former agreements for referral services are invalid at the time of change in ownership. If you're not offering Hospitalization, Radiology or Emergency services, please fill out and give a COPY of the following Agreement for Referral of Services form to the inspector during your initial inspection.

Step 3: Inspection

  • Upon receipt of the signed Notification of Sale form (Page-4 of 'Change in Ownership Form), the inspector will be notified of the anticipated change of ownership date.
  • If all services are remaining the same, inspection is not required before a practice sale. The new owner may continue to operate the practice providing the same services as the previous owner. If services are being added, the inspector must perform an inspection BEFORE the new services can be offered.
  • Inspection will be unannounced and occur within three (3) month of ownership change.
  • Another inspection will occur one (1) year after the initial change of ownership.
  • If the date of sale is adjusted, the Board must be notified in writing. If the Board office is not notified in writing of the change and the inspector arrives at the facility on or after the original notification of sale date, the $125.00 fee will be charged to the current owner.

Optional Step 4: Corporation/PLLC Sale/Dissolution

  • For questions you may email Keith.

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