Practice Facilities

Veterinary Practice Facilities

The General Statutes of North Carolina and the Administrative Rules of the NC Veterinary Medical Board allow the Board to establish certain requirements for veterinary practice facilities. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  1. Approval of the veterinary practice facility name
  2. The inspection of practice facilities to ascertain compliance with minimum standards
  3. Maintaining the minimum standards where veterinary medicine is practiced

Who may own a veterinary practice?

Only veterinarians licensed in North Carolina may own and operate a veterinary practice facility. The licensed owner/operator of a veterinary practice facility is charged with adhering to the minimum standards of the NC Veterinary Practice Act.

Inspections and Fees

All locations where veterinary medicine is practiced shall be adequate for the maintenance of good hygiene at all times. General Statute 90-186 allows the Board to inspect any Hospital, Clinic, Mobile Unit or any other facility where the practice of veterinary medicine is taking place.

The fee for an inspection is $125.00, payable when the inspection takes place.

: The $125.00 inspection fee will be charged if the inspector arrives at the facility on the 'agreed to date' but determines the building is not ready for the inspection.

Practice Facility Inspections are mandatory for the following:

  • New Veterinary Practices
  • Change in ownership of a practice
  • Veterinary practices moving or renovating
    SAMPLE Inspection Form

How often are inspections conducted?

  • Existing veterinary practice facilities are inspected regularly without notice.
  • Existing facilities are inspeced at least every two (2) years (unless the Board deems it necessary to inspect more frequently), provided there are no ownership changes or renovations.
  • If there is a change in ownership or renovations made, facilities are inspected on a 'new facility' schedule. (See below)
  • New facilities are inspected prior to opening, then again the following year. Beyond the first year, new facilities are inspected on a two (2) year schedule.

  • Information for Practice Facility Owners

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    Setting up a New Practice Facility

    The Process

    Change in Ownership of a Practice Facility

    The Process

    Renaming the Practice

    The practice owner may choose or be required to change the existing practice facility name at the time of sale; the practice name approval process for a 'new facility' will need to be followed. Written notification of the pending sale is still required. NCVMB Facility Naming Rules

    Please complete the Name Change (Facility) form and submit via e-mail ( or fax. (F) 919.854.5606

    Moving / Renovations

    The Board office needs written notification of any pending move, construction or renovation of a practice facility.

    Please complete the Moving/Renovations form and submit via e-mail ( or fax. (F) 919.854.5606

    SAMPLE Inspection Form

    It is the responsibility of the practice owner to request a date for the required inspection to take place. The inspection should be scheduled with the Board office four (4) weeks before providing services to the public.

    CANCELLATIONS: The $125.00 inspection fee will be charged if the inspector arrives at the facility on the 'agreed to date' but determines the building is not ready for the inspection.

    Closing a Practice Facility

    Prior to closing your practice facility, the Board office requires written notification (Closing Practice Facility Form), which includes information such as:

    1. How clients can obtain copies of their medical records
    2. How other veterinary practices can obtain medical information in emergencies
    3. Name(s) of any associated professional entities

    Additionally, a written notification to clients must be provided, detailing how they can obtain copies of medical records. In addition, a notice (stating the above information) should be posted at the practice before and after closing the facility.

    Medical records must still be maintained for three (3) years, in accordance with NC Administrative Code .0207(b)(12)(B).

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