New Professional Corporation Process

Corporation Procedure for Amendment or Dissolution:

  1. Using the paperwork for amending or dissolving a corporation below, return to NCVMB along with a copy of the proposed Articles of Amendment/Dissolution from Secretary of State
  2. A letter of certification will be returned - this will need to be filed with the Secretary of State's office, along with the original Articles of Amendment/Dissolution
  3. Notify the NCVMB office by fax/mailed copy of finalization by the Secretary of State
  4. NOTE: Any type of amendment/change (e.g. corporation name, shareholders, members, etc.) or dissolution has to have the amendment/dissolution paperwork filled out and submitted to the NCVMB along with your amended Articles. You will then receive an Amended Letter of Certification from the Board to submit to the Secretary of State.  This is the same process as starting a corporation only there is no fee. 

    For questions or concerns, you may email Keith.

Amending/Dissolving Article of Incorporation/Organization

Corporation Renewal

Professional corporations are renewed annually. Failure to comply with renewal requirements of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board could result in suspension of the professional corporation by the Secretary of State's office.

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Obtain Articles of Incorporation from the Department of the Secretary of State
IMPORTANT: First select 'Business Registration' in the Within the Department: field, then select either 'Professional Corp' or 'Professional LLC' in the For: field.

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