Veterinary Exams

PLEASE NOTE: The State Exam is required for 'ALL' veterinarians seeking licensure in North Carolina as we do not accept reciprocity. You do NOT have to be a resident of NC to become licensed.

NC Veterinary State Exam


  1. One must have graduated from an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited school/college of veterinary medicine or either completed the ECFVG or PAVE.
  2. One must have a passing score on the NAVLE or NBE.
  3. One is NOT eligible to take the exam until their application is complete, which includes receiving all required documents.
  4. LICENSING INFORMATION FOR ACTIVE MILITARY (and their spouses) Application refund available if eligible, please send copy of proof of Active Status to
  5. One does NOT need to be a resident of North Carolina to apply/hold a veterinary license.


    1. Have graduated and been awarded your veterinary degree. You may submit an exam application before graduation but keep in mind, you have 6-months to complete the licensing process once you submit an application.
    2. Have passed the NAVLE (achieved a score of 425 or higher).


    1. Have passed the National Exam - please refer to chart below

      Original Date of Licensure           Exam Required
      1969 - Nov. 19, 2000 NBE
      Nov. 20, 2000 - Ongoing              NAVLE
    2. Have practiced at least three (3) of the five (5) years immediately preceding filing the application OR either retake the national exam.
    3. Be in good standing: no disciplinary proceeding or unresolved complaint pending against you at the time a license is to be issued by this State.



Alert Documents DO NOT have to be received before submitting exam application.

  1. A 'degree conferred' transcript. Document to be mailed or e-mailed FROM THE SCHOOL to the Board office. Email to or mail to: NCVMB, 1611 Jones Franklin Rd., Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27606
  2. National exam score - available via the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) Document to be e-mailed FROM AAVSB to the Board office. Email to
    New graduates who applied for the NAVLE thru NC will have a copy of their score sent to the Board office automatically.
  3. License verification(s) from any state in which you held a veterinary license, whether it is currently Active or NOT Active. All verifications must be no older than six (6) months of your application date. Document(s) to be mailed or e-mailed FROM THE STATE BOARD / AGENCY to the Board office. Email to or mail to: NCVMB, 1611 Jones Franklin Rd., Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27606
  4. A copy of your Social Security Card - please upload copy when submitting application; website is secure.
  5. If you have a maiden/former name in which documents will be received under, a copy of a legal document will be required (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce papers, etc.).
  6. If a graduate from a non-accredited foreign school/college, an individual must first complete one of the following programs to be eligible to sit for the NC State Exam:
    1.) The American Veterinary Medical Association's Education Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates program (ECFVG)
    2.) The American Association of Veterinary State Board's Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence program (PAVE)

    ATTN: Documents to be mailed or e-mailed FROM AGENCY to the Board office. E-mail to or mail to: NCVMB, 1611 Jones Franklin Rd., Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27606

NOTE: AAVSB has a Credentialing Service (VAULT) and for a fee, will request documentation on your behalf.

For further details, see the 'Veterinary State Exam Application Process' below.

NC State Exam

The NC State exam, which is administered on-line by a third party vendor, consists of 50 questions and is based on the PRACTICE ACT (General statutes and Administrative Rules) governing the practice of veterinary medicine in North Carolina in addition to information found on the Board's FAQ web site page under PROFESSIONALS (no need to open links). There are 30 True/False and 20 Multiple Choice questions; passing score is 75. You are given 30 minutes to take the exam with no option to pause. The NCVMB fee is $250 and is non-refundable or applicable toward a future exam.

There is no need to commit to memory the FEES established by the Board (Administrative Code .0108).

EXAM RESULTS are typically reported to the Board by Wednesday of each week; if it falls on a holiday, it will be reported the following day(s).

Is becoming licensed a TIME SENSITIVE matter for you?
Once eligible to take exam AND you have been contacted by AAVSB/TesTrac, be sure to take exam before Sunday so your results will be sent to Board the following week.

Veterinary State Exam Application Process

NCVMB Application FEE: $250
(1.) To apply for the State Exam, one must first create an account via the Licensure Gateway. Once registered, you will log back in and select the Veterinary State Exam application to submit. Once application has been submitted, you have six (6) months to complete the exam or else you will be required to re-apply.
(2.) Once the application has been submitted to the Board, the applicant will be able to log back into the Licensure Gateway 24/7 to check on their application status (e.g. which documents have been received or are pending).
(3.) When your exam file with the Board is complete and all required documents have been received and all obligations have been met, a Board team member will notify you via e-mail of your application status AND contact AAVSB/TesTrac to inform them of your eligibility for the on-line exam on Tuesday of each week.
(4.) NEW GRADS: You may submit an exam application before graduation but keep in mind, you have 6-months to complete the licensing process once you submit an application.
(5.) Study the PRACTICE ACT (General statutes & Administrative Rules) in addition to the information found on the Board's FAQ web site page under PROFESSIONALS (no need to open links). There is no need to commit to memory the Fees established by the Board (Administrative Code .0108).

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

TesTrac On-line Exam Application FEE: $55
(6.) Eligible candidates may be contacted via e-mail by AAVSB indicating they have received your name from our Board office.
(7.) TesTrac will contact you via e-mail providing a link that will allow you to sign in and purchase our state assessment by using the Logon ID and Password sent. Candidate has 60 days from the date of the login email to access/take the exam.
(8.) The exam fee is payable via credit card to TesTrac. Credit cards accepted: VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All exams are non-refundable and non-transferable. Receipts are available via the exam portal.
(9.) ATTENTION: It is important to save TesTrac's address ( as a contact so you won’t miss timely e-mails.
(10.) Exams are taken on-line from your personal computer (open book) and can be taken only once per purchase.
(11.) AAVSB provides official score reports to the NCVMB weekly, typically by Wednesday. The NCVMB will notify you of your Registration number via e-mail within 1 - 3 business days once your exam score has been reported to us by AAVSB. At the end of your exam, you will be able to print an onscreen pass/fail result for your personal records.

AAVSB will notify you within 7 - 8 days to inquire if you are interested in retaking the State Exam.

1. Dept. of Revenue requires veterinarians providing services in North Carolina to pay a Privilege License Tax. NCDOR Link
2. Veterinarians renew annually; the renewal window opens the first of November. You are exempt from CE requirements for your FIRST renewal cycle if you graduate the same year you become licensed in North Carolina.
3. The NC Veterinary Health Program (NCPHP Link) is available for you or someone you work with who needs help with chemical dependency or substance abuse. The call can remain anonymous.

Temporary Permit for those taking the State Exam

FEE: $150
An Exam Temporary Permit can be issued to a qualified applicant who has applied to sit for the State Exam. This permit allows an individual to obtain a certificate to practice veterinary medicine under the supervision of a NC licensed veterinarian while awaiting their scheduled test date. Please keep in mind that the temporary permit cannot be processed until all required documents have been received for the State Exam. However, with the new on-line exam process, Exam Temporary Permits are seldom needed.

Exam Temporary Permit Application
To apply for an Exam Temporary Permit, you must first apply for the State Exam (See instructions above). If you've already done so, log in to the Licensure Gateway and select the Temporary Permit application for those taking the exam.

Once your permit has been processed, both you and the PRIMARY supervising veterinarian will receive a confirmation e-mail stating so.


NOTE: Another type of temporary permit allows a qualified applicant to practice veterinary medicine in this state under the supervision of a NC licensed veterinarian for a specific period of time. G.S. 90-187.4   For those seeking a 60-Day Temporary Permit, please refer to this page on our website for details. Forms & Applications

If ADA accommodations are needed to take the exam:

The AAVSB application and instructions are available on the AAVSB website’s Jurisprudence Assistance section  Once AAVSB reviews your ADA application, they will respond via e-mail within 2 - 4 business days.

For any specific question(s), please email the AAVSB at


The national exam (NAVLE: since 11/20/2000 or the NBE: 1969 - 11/19/2000) is a requirement for licensure to practice veterinary medicine in all licensing jurisdiction in North America. The NAVLE is a 360 item, computer based, multiple choice exam offered at computer testing centers and at certain overseas sites operated by Prometric.

Candidate Eligibility Policy
A candidate may not sit for the NAVLE more than five (5) times and may not sit for the NAVLE at a date that is later than five (5) years from the candidate’s initial attempt.  Each of the final two (2) attempts must be at least one (1) year from the previous attempt.  Any previous attempts by a candidate to the NAVLE prior to the fall 2007 administration will not count toward the five (5) attempt limit.

NAVLE Self-Assessments available


  • Four weeks in November/December
  • Two weeks in April

Questions should be directed to the International Council for Veterinary Assessment (ICVA), formerly NBVME - National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

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